Thursday, April 5

It really is as simple as a pot with remover soaked foam and a hole in the middle - you stick your finger in, quick twist and pull it out and polish is gone. Simple as that. I haven't tried with a glitter polish yet but can vouch that for others, it works so quickly it almost makes me want to paint my nails just to play with it.
There are of course other versions like this on the market - I've tried a couple and whilst they are good, they aren't as amazing as this. This is quicker and I find the remover far less harsh - I'd actually go to say the remover in this one smells good! Plus it has nourishing sweet almond oil, so taking care of your nails and fingers rather than stripping them of moisture as other removers do.
Bottom line, if you wear nail varnish - get this.  It's fab. 

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