Wednesday, March 9

street style

Love the colour of this print dress and the fringed boots go so well with the dress.
This neutral cape teamed with the cool pink scarf makes this outfit stand out for me. So street chic!
Loves the way this model teamed the leggings with a cropped top. The bag is so beautiful!
How cool are these shorts with the socks and beige wedges?
Can't take my eyes off this girly style chic
I always say that individual street style represents best a city that you live in. In  London this is certainly the case. From West End to Brick Lane, everyone's style is unique. I love leggings, chiffon dresses and skirts and layered clothes. Here are some of my favorites. These girls take a classic look and gives it a personal twist. And yes, you still can wear shorts in the winter. These girls are certainly not afraid to stand out from the crowd. That's what fashion is all about! Confidence.

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