Sunday, February 20

Fresh Faces featured in Italian Vogue

I am always looking for new faces and even though these girls look so so young, they have a mature beauty about them which I adore in a model. Click on the pictures to take a closer look. There is a lot of debate today about whether the models should be beautiful or quirky. Personally, I believe these girls here have both.

Now that we have all the technology, it seems that photographers choose to return to black and white shoots which I think brings a feeling of nostalgia into everyone, as if looking at the beauty of our youth or our parents' youth. I find it very interesting how everyone tries to get black and white shots these days. Says a lot about one's personality, just because they capable to appreciate beauty at its simplest.

Just loving this look- the unkept hair, quirky glasses and geeky attitude. (Left Above)

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