Friday, February 25

Perfect eyebrows

The perfect brows are essential to your look. It balances your whole features, especially when your makeup is all done. Here are some easy steps on making your eyebrows perfect and fabulous.
The correct position of the beginning point of the eyebrow (where the eyebrow should start) is directly over the inner corner of the eye – with possible modifications.

The possible modification of the beginning point of the eyebrow is based on the person’s eye set, that is whether the eyes are well set, close set, or wide set.
How might one modify the beginning point of the eyebrow? Great question….The answer is based on the client’s Eye Set, the beginning point can be moved outward by removing eyebrow hair at the beginning point, or the beginning point can move inward by growing in hairs at the beginning point.

The ending point of the eyebrow. The rule that guides the ending point is a long-standing rule and one that has not changed over time. The correct ending point should be the intersection point along the brow line that occurs when a straight-edged object is placed at the base of the nose, intersects the outer corner of the eye, and finds the intersection point along the eyebrow.
The arch of the eyebrow. The current, long-standing rule regarding where the arch should be along the brow is obsolete and should no longer be followed. The obsolete rule uses the outer rim of the iris (obsolete rule) to locate the arch.
Trimming your eyebrows will also enhance on how groomed your eyebrows are. Use an eyebrow pencil, but make sure to blend it off with a brush to not make it look too harsh. Or use a powder and use a wax base or gel to set in the powder. Also there are eyebrow tints and gels for those perfect brows.

A clear mascara is perfect for sorting out unruly eyebrows


  1. cool idea with the clear gel for the eyebrows. Do you know where I can get it?

  2. you can there them from boots or superdrug. they are quite popular really. by the way, super cool blog. i will definitely come back to see how it develops further. we also want to see some pictures of you!!!!