Friday, March 23

In a girl's make-up bag

Everyone knows that you shouldn't really look into a girls purse, especially rummage through her make-up bag. This posts is about essentials in a girl's make-up bag. 

Gosh X-ceptional Wear Make-Up. This one here is in a Porcelain shade which I prefer.

I know some of you might use a primer to get the skin ready for the make-up, but to be honest, I feel like I am using so much make-up already that I really don't need to be dabbing on more chemicals on my skin. All I use, and I must mention that it is soooo important to me that I have one with me everywhere I go, is a concealer. I use this one from Rimmel and it does actually do a fab job.
Rimmel - Hide the blemish concealer

To fix my make-up in place I use a translucent powder, this one is from Collection 2000 which is so cute and handy, I actually carry it around when I go out because it's quite small and fits in my bag.
Collection 2000 - Sheer Loose Powder
Lately, I started using an under eye concealer which is very different in texture from the Rimmel one. This one is perfect for under eye coverage and it does work, I promise. I also use their Healthy Mix foundation when I want a more subtle coverage like during sunny days etc when really a heavy make-up would just look ugly.

Bourjois- Healthy Mix concealer
There is only one thing I use for my eyes and that is eyeliner. I don't really like to use eye-shadow as it really doesn't do much for my eyes - I have quite Bambi shapes eyes and quite small - plus I am afraid I will have wrinkles on my eye lids later in lufe which is never a good look. I actually try and look after my skin and face as much as I can even when I use make-up.

So, here is the eyeliner I use. 2TRUE make-up is probably one the cheapest you can find and you can find it at Superdrug. I doubt it will take off like Barry M did, only because of their lack of variety in their collections. But fingers crossed that they do, because I buy from them all the time. Also, hope they don't put their prices up too! :)
2TRUE Effortless no 1 black eyeliner
I like to shape my eyebrows really thick and because of my dark hair, my eyebrows are quite thick and dark. What I do is I use a bit of bleach on them when I am also doing my roots and I leave the dye in for like 2 minutes max. I then wipe it off. My eyebrows suddenly change shape and become more manageable. When I go out I fill them in with this pencil and I use a dark brown colour.

Mac brow pencil
Aaaand, finally, the last item for this post. It's my favourite lipstick of all times and this is Barry M in Baby Pink. But there are so many pinks that I like from them, I actually bought a couple. Still, my favourite in all it's glory. Trust me, it does brighten my day sometimes!

Barry M in Baby Pink

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