Wednesday, March 9

Sass and Bide Collection Sprin 2011- one of my favorite designers

This has to be one of my absolute favorites outfits!
Metal chains, features and black lace dress- what a combination
I like the way they combined the gold with the white.
One of the collections that always strikes me is by Sass and Bide. Now, I know not everyone knows them as well as the obvious brands, but those who know fashion definitely heard of them. As well as having the most extraodinary clothes, the models that they choose remind me of Aussie girls, all blonde, tall and tanned. Actually, going through the selected images, I just couldn't decide which one to put up, because I absolutely love them all. Well done, girls!


  1. jillian- London9 March 2011 at 10:04

    nice outfits! I first heard of Sass and Bide in the city, the american show.

  2. im actually more classic, but i love these designs. they combine classic with chic and it works fab!

    i am loving your blog!