Tuesday, February 22

If I was a rich girl

La Prairie is one of the best brands for skin care existing today
This Victor Rolff parfume has an amazing scent and the bottle is just so girly and  would look so good on my dressing table! 
NARS LIPSTICK- how beautiful are these colours? I reckon a lipstick can change a look dramatically.  If you are not the sort of person that wears make-up, vamping your look in the evening with these fabulous colours could be the solution.
 After the new year, I found myself being completely broke and this is what I want for 2011. Hopefully, it won't take long until I can give you a review on them.

Astley Clarke- London
Kara Ross Cuff

Astley Clarke Cuff- London


  1. I loved your blog, it's very very cool!
    always come back, parabens

  2. I love the Kara Ross cuff. great blog!

  3. So happy for your comments. I know many have blogs with pictures of themselves in, but aI wanted to do something else with mine. Anyway, glad you all like it.