Saturday, February 19

Celebrate All British

 To celebrate British designers/labels and NOT forgetting models I would like to include some pictures below from my collection. Now, I know it is Galliano for Dior, but these amazing dresses just show how much attention to detail this fabulous designer pays to everything from the right color to every little frill.
 I know everyone loves Victoria's Secret models that's why I included Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who I am very proud to announce is British. And Georgia May Jagger who I think is the ultimate beauty. She is like a breath of fresh air because of her innocent appearance and designers are going mad for her.

 Burberry, the iconic British brand which I don't actually wear or own as I think it is too overrated and everyone owns a bag or a scarf. However, I think their clothes are fabulous as you can see for yourselves.
 Alexander McQueen has some amazing accessories and bags which make his clothes a fairytale in their own right.

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